Okuma Takunichi

kanji = 奥間 狸吉

Tanukichi Full
Personal Info
Name Tanukichi Okuma
Romanji Okuma Takunichi
Birthday February 3rd (Alien Anusū)
Occupation Member of SOX, Member of the Student Council
Family Zenjuro Okuma ()

Ranko Okuma ( )

Age 15
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Anime Episode 1

Tanukichi Okuma (奥間 狸吉 Okuma Tanukichi) is the main character of the Shimoseka series. He is also a SOX member like his fellow student Ayame, who also infamous known as the Blue Snow.

Appearance Edit

Tanukichi possesses an average height and brownish hair.


Background Edit

He is also a son of a notorious terrorist named Zenjuro, who was arrested years ago after trying to spread condoms around the Diet building in defiance of the moral laws. According to his fellow classmates and peers, Tanukichi graduated from a public middle school with the "lowest morals score".

Relationships Edit

Ayame Kajou (Blue Snow)Edit

Ayame is the Vice-President of the Student Council and co-founding member of SOX, Blue Snow. He also seems to have a crush on her, but is also a bit weirded out by her Blue Snow personality.

Anna Nishikinomiya Edit

The president of the Student Council and also his childhood friend. Though he does care about her, Tanukichi is disturbed by her perverted yandere personality.


  • His Vigilante outfit is inspired by the infamous Japanese hero "Pervert Mask" from the movie "HK: Forbidden Superhero"