Kosuri Onigashira (鬼頭 鼓修理 'Onigashira Kosuri'?) is a character appearing in the Shimoneta series.

Appearance Edit

Kosuri is a young girl with short, fuchsia colored hair that is somewhat shaped into the tip of a penis. With green eyes that can change attitude in an instant, she can easily lure anyone into doing her bidding.

Personality Edit

Kosuri is quite the actor, with her little schemes and plans. She appeared to like stealing people's underwear with force and weaponry more than the thought of doing a sort of peaceful protest that includes only showing porn and teaching students on what sex is, showing she likes to attack more than just protest.

Biography Edit

Daughter of Keisuke and a fangirl of SOX who uses tactics she learned from romantic and shoujo manga to manipulate everyone. Ayame lets her join in, however, her loyalty is questionable, she can be very manipulative often uses her charm to seduce boys and everyone around her. Currently pretending to be Tanukichi's sister while hiding out at his apartment.

Trivia Edit

- The English Voice Actress of Kosuri Lara Woodhull is also known from the voices of Izuku Midoriya (Young) in My Hero Academia and Hinami Fueguchi in Tokyo Ghoul