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• 8/27/2015


Hey, Shimoseka fans!

My purpose:

I'm making this forum to inform you guys beforehand that I want to adopt this wiki. As you may see, it's still underdeveloped, but it's slowly making progress. I want to speed up that progress by creating a wordmark for the wiki, and editing Javascript and CSS to add some useful features that would benefit and decorate this wiki.

Who am I?

No worries, I am a fan of Shimoseka. I am also the lead admin of two active wikis, Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki and Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki . In both, I have done major aesthetics and coding work.


I won't promise to be on every single day. That'd be crazy to do. But, if something major pops up, I'll get an email about it. And hopefully, I can trust some people enough to be my peer admins.

If I can scour the internet for Shimoseka translations, I will so I can begin expanding the world of Shimoseka to you guys to immerse yourselves in.

With that said, I'd like you, the fans, to give me your consent if possible.

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• 8/31/2015

hey, i'm the founder for the other shimoneta wikia at here!

If you would like, feel obliged to help us build our community and i will gladly give you adminship to suit your needs. Our wikia team is a bit more active, and i have some diffuculty in css coding, so it would be great for the addition of you as an admin/bureaucrat.

I've also asked the reddit community for shimoseka to help out, and the traffic we're recieving is already increasing.

Since the founder here is inactive and has made barely any edits and the wikia is relatively undeveloped, please consider what wikia is the best option for greater potential for the shimoneta fandom.

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